Sora in the tea room

Sora(空) in Sosho
Sora(空) in Sosho

I attempted to re-create Sora in Sosho Shotai(cursive style) form on one attempt. I’ll see about attempting it again after my sensei instructs me on the stroke order because it’s pretty difficult for me. Usually, my focus is the kaisho (regular script) shotai, but I dabble between this and Gyosho(semi-cursive).

I noticed Sora in the pictures of the Chado practionner, Roza Akino, and her suitcase setup.  Chado looks like it is very fun with Roza, though a very serene and quiet art itself.

More of Roza Akino’s kitsuke, and exploits in Japan, can be found here.

As for myself, I have an instagram for where I add various pieces of my work.

Scripts of Bear 
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My Name In Kaisho (圭敏 )

I decided to go with this as my hamko stamp name as well as my signature. 圭敏(Kevin or kebin) is very hard to write also for a signature. This week, my sensei gave me homework to emulate this. Quite the challenge it’s been so far.

Master vs student

青 – Ao In Kaisho

Azure – or Au(青) in kaisho style. It has been a while since I practiced at home. This is the first time I have used my tenkoku on actual piece. A fitting way to start a blog.